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How to Avoid the Top 8 Home Inspection Mistakes


How to Avoid the Top 8 Home Inspection Mistakes


It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a home. Once you’ve had an offer accepted on your dream house, you’ll probably be anxious to move in. However, before you make a significant financial commitment, it’s best to know exactly what you’re buying.


When you hire a home inspector, you get a professional, in-depth examination of the property’s structures and systems. It’s a worthwhile investment that can save you money in the long run, either by warning you away from a bad purchase or by providing a list of deficiencies you can use to negotiate with the sellers.


The inspector’s report will also list minor repairs that, if made, will help to maintain your home over the long term. Additionally, a good inspector can often predict the standard life expectancy of your roof, HVAC, and other big-ticket items so you can start planning for their eventual replacement.


However, many buyers make mistakes during the inspection process that cost them time and money and lead to unnecessary stress. Avoid these eight common buyer blunders to minimize your risk, protect your investment, and give yourself peace of mind and confidence in your new home purchase.



MISTAKE 1: Skip Your Own Inspection


Many buyers rely on their home inspector to point out issues with the property. However, by conducting your own visual assessment before you submit an offer, you can factor expected expenses into the offer price. Or, if you suspect major problems, you may choose to move on to a different property altogether.


Examine the walls and ceilings. Are there suspicious cracks, which could point to a foundation issue? Any discoloration? Yellow spots can indicate water damage, while black spots are typically mold. If there’s a basement, look for powdery white deposits along the walls and slab, which can result from water seepage.1


To assess the plumbing, start by turning on a bathroom sink or tub, then flushing the toilet. Check for a drop in water pressure or a gurgling sound coming from the pipes. You can also try running the water in sinks and tubs for several minutes to test for drainage issues. Peak underneath sinks to spot signs of leaks or drain pipes that go into the floor instead of the wall.1


Look for fogged or drafty windows, which may need replacing. Examine the roof for signs of cupped, curled, or cracked shingles. Check siding, decks, and other wooden structures for evidence of rot.


Overall, does the home appear to be well maintained? Unless it’s a highly-competitive seller’s market, consider the overall condition of the property BEFORE you submit an offer. Work with your real estate agent to factor in repairs and updates you know you’ll need to make when you determine your offer price.


MISTAKE 2: Hire the Cheapest Inspector


We all love to save money, but not all inspectors are created equal. Before you hire one, do a little research.2 You may even want to start shopping for an inspector before you complete your home search. Inspection periods are typically short, so it never hurts to be prepared.


You can start by asking around for recommendations. Check with friends and family members, as well as your real estate agent. Then contact at least two or three inspectors so you can compare not only price but also levels of experience and service.


Ask about their background, years of experience, and the number of inspections they have completed. Verify their certifications and credentials, and make sure they carry the proper insurance.


Find out what is (and what isn’t) covered in the inspection and if they utilize the latest technology. Ask to see a sample report so you can compare the style and level of detail provided. Finally, make sure you feel confident in the inspector’s abilities and comfortable asking him/her questions.



MISTAKE 3: Miss Attending the Inspection


Make every effort to be on-site during the inspection. Buyers who aren’t present during their inspection miss out on a great opportunity to gather valuable information about their new home.


If can attend the inspection, don’t spend all your time picking out paint colors or chatting with your new neighbors. Instead, use your time there to shadow the inspector. It’s the perfect chance to find out where everything is located, ask questions, and see first-hand what repairs and updates may be needed.3


Of course, if you do choose to tag along with your inspector, exercise good judgment. Don’t get in the way, become a distraction, or do anything to jeopardize your (or the inspector’s) safety.


If you can’t make it to the inspection, ask if you can schedule a time to meet in person or speak by phone to go over the report in detail. It will give you an opportunity to ask questions or request clarification about issues in the report you don’t fully understand.



MISTAKE 4: Skim Over the Report


Inspection reports can be long and tedious, and it can be tempting to skim over them. However, buyers who do this risk missing crucial information.


Instead, you should read over the report carefully, so you don’t miss anything significant. Now is the time to address any areas of concern. You have a limited window of time to request repairs or negotiate the selling price, so don’t squander it.


Your inspector may also flag some minor items that you wouldn’t typically expect a seller to fix. However, ignoring these small issues can sometimes lead to bigger problems down the road. Make sure you read everything in the report so you can take future action if needed.



MISTAKE 5: Avoid Asking Questions


Some buyers are too embarrassed to ask questions when there’s something in the inspection report they don’t understand. Afraid they might look foolish, they avoid asking questions and end up uninformed about important issues that could impact their home purchase.


The reality is, questions are expected. You hired your inspector for their professional expertise, so don’t be shy about tapping into it. For example, you might ask:


  • Would you get this issue fixed in your own home?
  • How urgent is it?
  • What could happen if I don’t fix it?
  • Is this a simple issue I could fix myself?
  • What type of professional should I call?
  • Can you estimate how much it would cost to make this repair?
  • How much longer would you expect this system/structure/appliance to last?
  • What maintenance steps would you recommend?


Don’t bother asking your inspector if you should buy the property, because he/she won’t be able to answer that question for you. Instead, use the information provided to make an informed decision. A skilled real estate agent can help you determine the best path.



MISTAKE 6: Expect a Perfect Report


Some buyers get scared off by a lengthy inspection report. But with around 1600 items on an inspector’s checklist, you shouldn’t be surprised if yours uncover a large number of deficiencies.4 The key is to understand which problems require simple fixes, and which ones will require extensive (and costly) repairs.


Your real estate agent can help you decide if and how to approach the sellers about making repairs or reducing the price. Whatever you do, try to focus on the major issues identified in the inspector’s report, and don’t expect the sellers to address every minor item on the list. They will be more receptive if they perceive your requests to be reasonable.



MISTAKE 7: Forgo Additional Testing


There are times when an agent or inspector will recommend bringing in a specialist to evaluate a potential issue.5 For example, they may suggest testing for mold or consulting with a roofing expert.


Some buyers get spooked by the possibility of a “red flag” and decide to jump ship. Or, in their haste to close or desire to save money, they choose to ignore the recommendation for additional testing altogether.


Don’t make these potentially costly mistakes. In some cases, the specialist will offer a free evaluation that takes minimal time to schedule. And if not, the small investment you make could provide you with peace of mind or save you a fortune in future repairs.



MISTAKE 8: Skip Re-inspection of Repairs


Most buyers request receipts to prove that repairs have been correctly completed. However, it’s always prudent to go a step further and have negotiated repairs re-evaluated by your inspector or another qualified professional, even if there’s an additional charge.6


While the majority of sellers are forthcoming, some will try to save money by cutting corners, hiring unlicensed technicians, or doing the work themselves. A re-inspection will help ensure the repairs are completed properly now, so you aren’t paying to redo them later.


To avoid having to go back to the sellers, be specific when requesting repairs. Identify the problem, how repairs should be completed, who should complete the work, and how the repairs will be verified.7


Some buyers prefer to avoid this step altogether by completing the work themselves. They either request that the seller fund the repairs or reduce the selling price accordingly. Whichever path you choose, protect yourself and your investment by ensuring the work is done properly.





A home inspection can reduce your risk and save you money over the long-term. But to maximize its effectiveness, it must be done properly. Avoid these eight common home inspection mistakes to safeguard your investment.


While these are some of the most common missteps, there are countless others that can trip up home buyers, cost them time and money, and cause undue stress. Fortunately, we have the skills and experience to help you avoid the potential pitfalls.


If you’re in the market to buy a home, we can help you navigate the inspection and all the other steps in the buying process … typically at no cost to you! Tap into our expertise to make the right decisions for your real estate purchase. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!


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    ‘Tis the Season: 5 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home


    Tis the Season: 5 Reasons Why Winter is a
    Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home


    It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t try to buy or sell a home during the fall and winter months.


    This is generally considered the “off-season” in real estate. Many sellers mistakenly believe that the cold weather will keep buyers away and that no one is looking over the holidays. Unfortunately, many real estate professionals perpetuate this myth by advising their clients to “wait until the spring” to list their home.


    The truth is, homes are bought and sold year round. And while the market is typically quieter during the fall and winter, savvy buyers and sellers know how to use this slow down to their advantage. In fact, depending on your circumstances, now may be the ideal time for you to purchase or list a home.


    If you’re in the market to buy or sell, there’s no need to wait for the spring. Read on to discover the top five reasons that it can pay to buy or sell a home during the off-season!




    What’s the number one reason to buy or sell a home during the off-season? Less competition!


    This can be particularly beneficial if you’re a seller. Come spring, a huge wave of new listings will hit the market. But if you list now, you will have fewer comparable homes with which to compete.


    In the spring and summer months, it can be difficult for your property to stand out in a crowded market. You may end up with a surplus of homes for sale in your neighborhood. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to see multiple listings on a single street during the peak selling season.


    Inventory in the fall and winter months, however, can be significantly lower. That means your home will not only receive more attention from buyers, but you may also gain the upper hand in your negotiations. In fact, research found that homes listed in the winter are nine percent more likely to sell, and sellers net more above asking price in the winter than any other time of year.1


    Buyers also have a lot to love about the real estate off-season. While some buyers need to move during the winter, many bargain hunters search this time of year in hopes of scoring a great deal.


    Smart buyers will continue to scan the market during the fall and winter for hidden gems that pop up during the off-season. There are always highly motivated sellers who need to sell quickly. And with less competition to bid against you, you’re in a better position to negotiate a great price. If you’ve been looking for a good deal on a home or investment property, now may be the best time to look!


    So while a “slow market” may scare off some buyers and sellers, it can actually be the perfect time of year for you to list or purchase a home. While the rest of the market is hibernating until spring, take advantage of this opportunity to get a jump start on your competition!





    During the spring and summer, you’re likely to encounter “lookie-loo” buyers who are just testing the waters and unrealistic sellers who are holding out for a better offer. But the serious buyers and sellers stay active during the cold weather and holiday season, often because they need to move quickly. In fact, research shows that homes listed in the winter sell faster than any other time of year.1


    January and February are peak job hiring months, which brings a surge of buyers who need to relocate quickly to start a new job.2 And of course life changes like retirement, marriage, divorce, and new babies come year round. While families often find it more convenient to move during the summer when school is out, the reality is that many don’t have the option to wait. According to the National Association of Realtors, 55 percent of all buyers purchased their home at the time they did because “it was just the right time,” not because of seasonal factors.3


    If you prefer to deal with serious, highly-motivated buyers and sellers who want to act fast and don’t want to waste your time, then the off-season may be the perfect real estate season for you.





    Another key benefit to buying and selling in the off-season is the increased personal attention you’ll receive.


    While we strive to provide unparalleled client service throughout the year, we simply have more time available for each individual client during slower periods. Similarly, we find the other real estate professionals in our network—including title agents, inspectors, appraisers, insurance agents, and loan officers—are able to respond faster and provide more time and attention during the off-season than they are during the busy spring and summer months. The result is a quicker and more streamlined closing process for all involved.





    Clients who move during the off-season often report significant cost savings. Moving costs may be discounted by 15 percent or more during the winter months, and moving companies can typically offer more flexibility in their scheduling.4


    Home renovations and repairs can also be less expensive in the off-season.5 Whether you’re fixing up your property prior to listing it or remodeling your new home before moving in, contractors and service providers who are hungry for business are often willing to work for a discount this time of year. If you wait until the spring and summer, you may be forced to pay a premium.


    Home stagers and decorators are also more likely to negotiate their fees during the winter. And you can often score great deals on new furniture and decor during the holiday sales.


    Whether you’re buying or selling, count cost savings as another compelling reason to consider an off-season move.





    Finally, listing your home during the fall and winter offers one key—but often overlooked—advantage: less lawn maintenance!


    Good curb appeal is crucial when selling your home. According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, 44 percent of home buyers drove by a property after viewing it online but did NOT go inside for a walk-through.6 That means if your curb appeal is lacking, buyers may never make it through the door.


    If you list your home during the peak of the selling season, we will generally advise you to implement a frequent schedule of mowing, edging, watering, weeding, and trimming shrubs and hedges. You’ll probably want to plant flowers, as well, to brighten your exterior. After all, a lush landscape is a key element in attracting spring and summer buyers.


    If you list in the off-season, however, your lawn maintenance list is significantly reduced. While we do recommend that our sellers keep their exterior clean, tidy, and free of leaves, snow, and ice, you will probably spend much less time on outdoor maintenance during the winter than you would if you listed your home in the summer.





    Now that you know all the great reasons to buy or sell a home in the off-season, it’s time to decide whether you’re ready to make your move.


    Every client’s circumstances are unique. Whether you need to move quickly or you simply want to take advantages of all benefits this season has to offer, it’s a great time to enter the market.


    Give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation … and you could be ringing in the New Year in your new home!


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      From pure country to pure community, Westchase marks 25 years!


      By Joey Johnston, Times Correspondent - Tampa Bay Times

      WESTCHASE - Once, it was a cattle ranch, located far from Tampa's hustle and bustle, an area without major roads, stores, schools or much of anything.  It was pure country.  The locals sometimes traveled by horseback.  Some of the land was sold to a developer in 1987 and plans were made to create residential, retail and office space, including apartments, town houses, condominiums and a golf course.

      In 1991, 25 years ago this month, the first resident purchased and Westchase was official born.  And the face of northwest Hillsborough County was forever changed.  "I don't think any of us could've imagined that Westchase would become what it is right now," said Hal Gastler, who became one of the community's pioneer homeowners in 1992.

      Today, Westchase is a 3,500-home master-planned, deed-restricted community, accessible off the Veterans Expressway, that sometimes shows up on local television news weather maps, along with the likes of Brandon and Temple Terrace.  It's a collection of 29 separate neighborhoods, featuring a mix of Florida-style homes, neo-traditional neighborhoods with alleys and large front porches and urban-style apartments in the center of mixed-used retail areas.

      "We wouldn't want to live anywhere else," said Christine Kwan, who moved with her family to Westchase in 2001.  "It's the kind of place where you know your neighbors and so many friendships are formed.  It's a wonderful  place to raise kids."

      Westchase, which has hundreds of acres of preserved land, features two Swim and Tennis Centers, two playgrounds, an elementary school, and a middle school within its boundaries.  Throughout the neighborhoods and along Linebaugh Avenue, the east-west tree-lined artery through the community, there's a consistent parade of runners, walkers and cyclists. 

      "The thing it always had was a great location," said Joanne Gastler, who moved to Westchase with her family in 1992.  "Close to the airport.  Close to the beaches.  When we moved in, there wasn't a lot in the immediate area.  But boy did that change."

      "You don't really have to leave," Kwan said.  "Everything is a hop, skip and a jump away."  There are a variety of restaurants and a Publix supermarket located within the community.  The Citrus Park Mall is less than five miles away.  West Park Village, a mix of retail and residential founded in 1999, gives the feel of a walkable shopping/restaurant area that's often found in urban settings.

      "Those are great advantages," Kwan said.  "But the best part is it feels so much like home.  Not every community gives you that kind of feeling.  But Westchase somehow had that from the first time we looked to buy here."

      Chris Barrett, publisher of the Word of Westchase, the community's monthly newsmagazine, moved here from Washington, where he hardly knew any neighbors at his apartment building.  "I remember our first Halloween here and wondering where are all these kids coming from?'  Barrett said, "I had never seen so many young families and so many opportunities for the kids to make friends and have playmates."

      "At the same time, you go outside, people speak to you and smile.  They have a conversation with you.  It's like a small-town feel and I think that's part of the appeal.  We have lots of people who move here from the north and they say Westchase reminds them of the town they grew up."

      Barrett said the offering of reclaimed water and natural gas were attractive selling points.  As for resale, Kwan said Westchase's upkeep and look do not indicate a 25-year-old community.

      "Some places show their age," Kwan said.  "To me, Westchase still looks brand new."

      When the community was formed, the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) was established, allowing the district to sell bonds and raise money for roads, parks, sewers and other infrastructure.  The Westchase Homeowners Association takes the community's deed-restricted quality very seriously, citing residents for cosmetic violations and insisting on needed improvements for homes and yards.

      "The HOA and CDD have been very dedicated people who are not afraid to enforce some standards," Barrett said.  "I think you could look at any other community in the state and you'd be hard-pressed to find one that looks as good as it did when it first opened.  Westchase does."

      "We live in a deed-restricted community and people get annoyed when they get a deed letter to correct something.  I've gotten my share, too.  But it keeps everyone on their toes.  It's good for everyone and it maintains everyone's home values."

      Barrett said it goes beyond Westchase's look.  There's also a community spirit, an almost undefinable quality.  There's also a tradition of charitable events, such as the Great West Chase Race, which benefits needy schools, and the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

      "For the most part, it's a lot of people who have moved from different places for their jobs, young families, retirees, military, lots of kids," Barrett said.  "But when you walk around any of the neighborhoods, there's almost a Main Street quality.  It's welcoming.  There are block parties.  I think generally, people who live here have a lot of pride in Westchase.  And that's a great thing for all of us."



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        Neighborhood Series - Why live in Highland Park - 33626?



        Highland Park has approximately 325 homes ranging in size from 1400 sq ft to 6000. Whether you prefer a single family home or a townhouse, there is a size to fit every need in Highland Park.  With a nod to traditional design, the single family homes offer welcoming front porches and decorative exterior details. Some of these homes even offer scenic lakefront lots.

        The residents of Highland Park work hard to create a strong sense of community. There is an active social committee that plans events for residents of all ages. Past events include a Music festival, End of Summer Party and an annual adult Holiday Party.

        Highland Park's zero-entry pool and children's playground are just two examples of the endless amenities growing households can enjoy!  A state-of-the-art Fitness Center, Junior Olympic Size Pool and Lake House activities provide convenient access to active, healthy living in the community.

        Restaurants, shops and offices provide activity and convenience.  The community is designed for walkability, through a combination of narrower, tree-lined streets, sidewalks, compact lots, and, in some areas, alleys for rear garage access.  

        Oak trees line the streets and fill the parks around Highland Park. Beautiful Galt Lake provides a picturesque spot for fishing, kayaking or bird watching.  Highland Park's monthly social events and close knit community are just the beginning when it comes to neighborly warmth!


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          Neighborhood Series - Why live in Waterchase - 33626?


          Waterchase is a magnificent gated community located in the northwest Tampa area, which features a home designed to suit every lifestyle. This pristine community consists of beautiful forested areas, nature preserves, lakes and much more!

          Complete with a 6,400-square-foot club house, Waterchase provides resort-style living and activities for its families. Staffed with an on-site activities director, the clubhouse has many amenities including a pool with a two-story waterslide, a junior Olympic lap pool; a multipurpose playfield, four lighted tennis courts with tennis pro on staff; basketball courts; a state-of-the-art fitness room and aerobics studio; and a tot lot for Waterchase’s younger residents.

          Waterchase offers active residents exceptional luxury, convenient services, and engaging activity programs within our resort-style community.

          Waterchase boasts eight (8) distinct neighborhoods:  Mar Azul, Savona, Alicante, Aberdeen, Astoria, Ashton, Baleares, and Provence.  The neighborhoods are harmoniously situated throughout 475 acres that include miles of walking paths interlaced through the professionally landscaped tropical gardens, perfectly manicured lawns, and past protected natural woodlands, freshwater lakes, and streams.  The community features 633 family and estate homes and 132 townhomes.  Waterchase has both single and multi-story homes, townhomes, and estate homes reflecting Mediterranean, Ranch Hacienda, and Craftsman style architecture.

          The Waterchase Mediterranean-style clubhouse is the social center and heart of the active community.  The clubhouse grounds include (4) four lighted tennis courts, a multi-use activities field, (2) two Olympic size pools, one sporting a fabulously popular two-story waterslide, basketball courts, and children's playground.  The clubhouse contains a fitness center, activities room, meeting rooms, property management offices, and two-story fireplace-anchored great room.

          The 24-hour manned guard gated family-friendly community is located within a top-rated school district; close proximity to numerous shopping malls, excellent restaurants, and golf course; 30 minutes from downtown Tampa; 20 minutes from Tampa International Airport; and 20 minutes from popular Gulf beaches.

          Waterchase - enjoy world-class amenities and a resort lifestyle every day of the year!


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            Neighborhood Series - Why live in Westchase - 33626

            Why live in Westchase?


            Westchase was voted #1 in '100 Best Places In Florida To Raise A Family' by Niche.com!!!!!

            Westchase is located in Northwest Tampa near the Hillsborough/Pinellas County line and is the only community of its stature that cantruly boast a location convenient to beaches, business, downtown and Tampa International Airport.

            Westchase is a 2,000-plus acre golf course community home to 5,000 single family and mult-family homes as well and retail shops, offices, schools and parks.

            The master planned development caters to those seeking a less congested, yet refined family community.  Westchase is an award-winning community adhering to the highest standards of environmental and architectural planning.

            Separated into individual villages with beautiful landscaping, Westchase offers something to everyone.  From condos, townhomes and villas to luxurious single family homes, the prices range from the mid $100's to over $900,000.

            Located within Westchase is West Park Village, a 185 acre neighborhood designed to feature homes with front porches, shopping, restaurants and a village center all within walking distance.  A charming area designed to look like the neighborhoods of yesterday, West Park Village offers bungalow-type style homes featuring detached garages with rear alley access and lots of sidewalks to create a small-town ambiance.

            Not one, but TWO Swim and Tennis Centers are available to ALL Westchase residents!  Additional amenities within Westchase include two childcare centers, medical offices, shopping, restaurants.  Also within Westchase is another shopping center that includes a bakery, Taylormade Properties, Burger 21, Postal Connections, Tijuana Flats, Patio 6, Maloney's Local Irish Pub, World of Beer-Westchase, Tampa Pizza Company, Blend Lounge, My Gym, The Grind Coffee Bar & Cafe at Westchase, plus other businesses.

            Additional amenities - Championship 18-hole, par 72 golf course designed by Lloyd Clifton.
            Golf Clubhouse. Grill, Pro Shop, Locker Rooms

            Swim & Tennis Center with heated junior Olympic-sized pool, 6 tennis courts and an activity/meeting room

            West Park Village Swim & Tennis Center with junior Olympic-sized pool and 4 tennis courts

            Miles of winding bike and walking paths

            Pedestrian underpasses crossing Linebaugh Avenue

            On-site Elementary and Middle Schools

            Several Community Parks

            Natural Gas Community

            Reclaimed Water Program

            Hillsborough County Fire Station

            Upper Tampa Bay Regional Library

            Upper Tampa Bay Bike Trail

            Lakes, wetlands, and conservation areas

            Westchase Square Shopping Center - Publix and Shops and Restaurants

            West Park Village AND Westchase Town Center

            Westchase....more than a neighborhood....it's a LIFESTYLE




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              Taylormade Properties, Inc. - A Westchase Original!

              Why Taylormade Properties, Inc. is the BEST Real Estate Office in WESTCHASE!!!!!


              *Located in Westchase - 33626 since 1994!

              *Customer Service is our PASSION - SERVICE is our #1 priority!

              *Integrity - We build relationships based on TRUST!

              *Reputation - Second to none!

              *Knowledgeable - We pride ourselves on being the most informed office in Westchase!

              *Excellence - We are totally committed and enthusiastic about what we do!  We are continually improving our performance through education and experiences!

              *Innovative Marketing - No one can compete with our marketing plan!  From extensive Internet marketing, virtual tours, to our fabulous website, homebooks, brochures, we spare NO expense in showcasing your home!

              *Bilingual Staff - Many of our associates are fluent in other languages.

              *True Personal Service - NO out-of-state call centers.  Agents at Taylormade who are aware and can help you with other agent's listings, friendly assistants who are knowledgeable about our operation.  We are DEDICATED, ACCESSIBLE, AND EXCITED about our business!

              *Boutique Real Estate Office - Experienced, educated, full service, luxury real estate firm that offers the HIGHEST level of service to its clients with superb marketing knowledge, SUPERIOR attention to detail and innovation!

              When Westchase built its FIRST retail plaza - Taylormade Properties, Inc. moved in - 1998.  Over the next 18 years, Taylormade helped Westchase grow into a THRIVING community known for its OUTSTANDING schools, unique shops, restaurants, renowned golf course, and upscale suburban homes.  From the ground breaking of the Westchase golf clubhouse and the opening of Westchase Elementary School, to the unveiling of every single one of Westchase's 30-plus neighborhoods, Taylormade Properties has been there EVERY step of the way..

              NO realty group in Westchase can match our longevity, and FEW can tout their local knowledge.   Yes, we've been here the LONGEST, and other realty groups have come and gone, but we've stayed true to our CORE principles:  PERSONAL SERVICE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL.....

              Experience the DIFFERENCE with Taylormade Properties, Inc.!   813-855-5858





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